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Keynote at the cross-border event 2019

On September 2018 I presented the results of the second part of our large scale research on the state of cross-border e-commerce in Europe. The focus of the keynote was the strategy e-retailers deploy as well as the success they have with these strategies. Via this page you can download the presentation (the page is […]

EMAC Doctorol Colloquium May 2018

The annual conference of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) is an annual forum for presenting and discussing marketing-related research projects. Prior to the 47th annual conference, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) and EMAC organised the 31st conference for PhD students in marketing. In early January I sent my entry to the […]

How I fell in love with R

The fun part of doing a PhD are the PhD courses. I didn’t realize this at the beginning, when they informed me that Vrije Universiteit obligates PhD candidates to obtain 30 credits. But by now (I have obtained 25 credits in 2 years time) I am very happy with this obligation. I have learned so […]

What is so interesting about cross-border e-commerce?

The topic of my PhD project is ‘how online selling and shopping across national borders in the business-to- consumer market is affected by differences between countries’. I have been an online cross-border shopper for many years now. First of all I prefer shopping via the Internet over physical stores. Not only for convenience reasons (not […]

Why combining a PhD with raising children?

I’m often asked why I am doing a PhD while raising two children (currently age 5 and 7) and working as a lecturer. I don’t have a short answer. When working at ING I was able to participate in a master’s  program at Tilburg University. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish that program, as the […]

Promotiebeurs voor Leraren (2017) NWO

In cross-border e-commerce, electronic retailers (e-retailers) aim to extend their economic activities via the Internet beyond national borders. Unlike large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are struggling with their international online expansions. This study investigates how both country characteristics and firm owner characteristics influence the success of SMEs in cross-border e-retailing. Through conducting a […]

Cross-border e-commerce: een wereld om te winnen (2016) Twinkle Magazine

Om de concurrentie het hoofd te bieden en om verder te kunnen groeien, zullen Nederlandse webwinkels de komende jaren meer moeten inzetten op crossborder e-commerce. Maar waar liggen vooral de kansen voor Nederlandse webwinkels in het buitenland? Twinkle Magazine 2016, Volume 12, issue number 9, Pages 58-61 Goldman, S., Weltevreden, J., Keuter, J. Link:

Guest Speaker

Are you searching for an inspiring speaker for your event? Are you looking for a speech about the state of cross-border e-commerce in Europe? Are you interested in findings from academic research about succes and failure in cross-border e-commerce? Sjoukje translates the most recent findings, both from applied research and academic research, into value for […]