Strategic orientations and digital marketing tactics in cross-border e-commerce: Comparing developed and emerging markets

International Small Business Journal (2020)

Abstract In this article, the impact of strategic orientations on the use of digital marketing tactics and, subsequently, on the international business performance of small electronic retailers (e-retailers) in cross-border electronic commerce (e-commerce) is analysed. Furthermore, these relationships are compared between e-retailers originating in both developed and emerging e-commerce markets. Using a sample of 446 small business-to-consumer e-retailers from 20 European countries, we find that the deployment of digital marketing tactics has a positive effect on international business performance. Of the strategic orientations examined, foreign market orientation is most associated with the use of digital marketing tactics. Remarkably, growth orientation only has a positive effect on e-retailers from developed e-commerce markets, while customer orientation negatively affects e-retailers from emerging e-commerce markets. The differences between e-retailers from developed and emerging e-commerce markets are prominent and show that markets should not be considered as either uniform or generalisable. 

Keywords cross-border electronic commerce, developed vs emerging markets, digital marketing tactics, strategic orientations

Authors: Sjoukje Goldman, Hester van Herk, Tibert Verhagen, Jesse Weltevreden